Think Smaller To Make a Bigger, Sustainable Impact

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, many of us can agree it’s becoming more and more important to practice mindful living, and become more in touch with nature.

When it comes to living our lives in an eco-friendly way, we can feel overwhelmed by the many things we’re asked to consider, from our “carbon footprint” to our level of resource consumption. Luckily, there are some simple ways we can live more sustainably without overly complicating our lives.

Be More Aware of Resources

One of the things we struggle with in modern life is being aware of the resources we use every day. Because we have an abundance of things at our disposal, it can be easy to take them for granted. However, take time to focus on one significant item in your life each week, such as your phone or the packaging of your food. Do some research. It’s easier than ever to make more informed choices regarding what you buy. Be more mindful of what you are using and how it will affect the planet, and you can adapt and change for the better.


Again, mindfulness can go a long way when you want to form better sustainable habits. Switch off the lights when you leave a room, turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth, and lower the thermostat a few degrees. Small decisions we make every day can make a huge impact on the amount of resources we consume.

Plant Trees

Planting trees can benefit the earth for many years to come, even extending well beyond your own lifetime. Plant trees in your yard, at local parks, and anywhere else you can get permission to make a huge impact on the world around you. If we all made an effort to rebuild this vital part of the “lungs” of the planet, we’d all literally breathe a lot easier.

Remember Water

Water conservation is not only about the limited supply of clean water left on the planet. It also consumes energy to move water, as well as to clean it. It is important to remember to keep your water usage to a minimum. We can lose track of our usage when we do daily boring routines like washing dishes or watering the garden.

These are just a few small changes that can make a big difference. A good resource that outlines reasons for pursuing conservation practices during the current resurgence of environmental ignorance is USC Price. So, take on one thing a week, and don’t get overwhelmed. You’re doing your part!

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