On Butterscotch, Obits, and Math [Podcast]


Here’s more about The Kvetching Professor Podcast by Mark Sherman.

An emeritus professor of psychology shares his wit and wisdom in these short and pithy episodes.

Mark Sherman has written seriously on gender issues, especially about his concern for how boys and young men are doing in our country. But he is also a humorist, whose funny songs have entertained many and whose humor column has run for more than 30 years in his local award-winning newspaper, the New Paltz Times.

For the past 13 plus years he has read some of his top columns to enthusiastic audiences from all over the world at the Mohonk Mountain House, a historic and very popular resort hotel situated on beautiful grounds on the nearby Shawangunk mountain ridge.

Encouraged by the response to his readings, in the spring of 2018 Mark began recording a podcast, in which each episode features one of his funniest columns. His podcast is titled “The Kvetching Professor” (“kvetch” means to complain); since he actually did teach psychology for well over 25 years, it will enlighten as well as amuse listeners.

The Kvetching Professor is a weekly podcast combining humor and hints for living a better life, hosted by Prof. Mark Sherman.

See a directory of past episodes here

Enjoy The Kvetching Professor on Libsyn.

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Follow Mark on Twitter: @profmarksherman.

You can write him at mark@profmarksherman.com.


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